May 2013- Aaron Hank


From a young age, Aaron Hank’s passion was baseball. Today his baseball passion is rivaled only to his passion for academic excellence.   Two years ago, Aaron attended high school in Georgia before his family was transferred to Houston, Texas.  The transition was taxing for him, for he would miss the camaraderie of his former teammates.  Aaron’s James E Taylor Mustang baseball season began as the “new” player on the team. His spirit and enthusiasm led him to a starting position on the Mustang team.

Currently in his senior year at Taylor High School,  Aaron, is taking six Advance Placement courses while maintaining a team leading GPA above 4.2.  Aaron’s resume’ of scholastic activities include:  National Honor Society, Blue Review Anchor, Flagman and many more. All of Aaron’s achievements show that a real leader is an ordinary person with extraordinary determination.  Aaron is building a future for himself by giving it his BEST!

Aaron Hank2