Courses Offered

  • “You Deserve Some Credit”                                                                      

Course Title:  Understanding Credit Scores
Course Number: 02-00-044-24159
Credit Hours: 2
Course Description: Covers how credit scores are determined, how to improve your score and the impacts of scores on mortgage approvals and interest rates.

  • “Making Sense of the Numbers”         

Course Title:  GFE & HUD-1
Course Number: 02-00-086-27644
Credit Hours: 2
Course Description:  Understanding Lender’s quotes, Good Faith Estimates and Settlement Statements

  • “Going From Distressed Homeowner to Buyer”

Course Title: Bankruptcy, Foreclosure & Short Sales
Course Number: 02-00-044-24158
Credit Hours: 2
Course Description: Covers the two kinds of bankruptcies, defines foreclosure and short sale procedures and explains the requirements for purchasing another home.

  •  “To Give or Not to Give – That is the Question”                                                 

Course Title:  RESPA
Course Number: 01-00-074-24605
Credit Hours: 1
Course Description: Covers RESPA and how it affects realtor’s relationships with title companies and lenders.  Also explains what is allowed, what is not allowed and the penalties for violations.

  •  “What’s Mine is Mine”

Course Title:  Divorces, Deaths and Life Changes
Course Number: 01-00-074-24606
Credit Hours: 1
Course Description: Covers Texas Community Property Law and Texas Homestead Law.

  •  “Lender Required Repairs”                                           

Course Title: Lender Required Repairs
Course Number: 01-00-084-24782
Credit Hours: 1
Course Description: Covers the minimum property standard required by lenders, health and safety issues and the required cures.

  •  “Get the Lead Out”                                                                       

Course Title:  Lead Based Paint
Course Number: 01-00-084-24783
Credit Hours: 1
Course Description:  Covers the Texas required addendums for a house built before 1976, how to treat for and remove lead based paint.

  •  “We Won’t Be Fooled Again”                                                                       

Course Title:  Mortgage Fraud
Course Number: 02-00-065-25852
Credit Hours: 2
Course Description:  Covers the latest mortgage fraud schemes and how to detect them.

  • “Planning for Success”

Course Title: Annual Business Planning
Course Number: 03-00-115-26456
Credit Hours: 3
Course Description: Houston forecast for 2014, marketing to boomers vs. Gen X vs. Gen Y er’s, goal setting, time blocking, levels of communication and technology.

  • “Three Ways to Build Your Business”

Course Title: Open Houses and Home Buying Seminars
Course Number: 02-00-125-26528
Credit Hours: 2
Course Description: Covers the steps required for planning Successful Open Houses for sellers and seminars for Home Buyers, including promoting the events via email and social media, resources for food and beverages and templates for Power Point Presentations.

  • “Selling and Financing New Construction”

Course Title: Selling and Financing New Construction
Course Number: 03-00-046-26982
Credit Hours: 3
Course Description: Covers construction financing, construction to perm financing and builder ready financing.

  • “Preparing for Appointments”

Course Title: Properly Preparing fro Appointments
Course Number: 02-00-116-27949
Credit Hours: 2
Course Description: Covers the psychology of clothing styles,  colors and materials and how they affect your business interactions with clients, co-workers, competitors and vendors.